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The Static Caravan is situated in very picturesque area called Rockferry, near the FortDax asylum for artists in a state of electronic stasis. We called in and asked for any spare music that’d been abandoned. Weeks passed then two eight-tracks arrived. We listened and liked them so much we had it transmogrified onto a seven inch. It turns out that FortDax is a half man and half mad man from Coventry nr. Bradford. The sounds are 4:4:2 classic line up electronic folk ditties.
Ambiguous at first then funny familiar. A Gryphon based defence with Gentle Giant midfield and the ISAN brothers in attack.
Mad as a box of frogs they said. We said “Like Cream inside your spine” and “Tiny Pony Hoisted by Harness into Moonlight” will be available on a limited seven inch very soon.

500 copies on white wax in Montelimar wrap around sleeve.

FortDax is Captain Darren Durham. He was young player of the year at Coventry F.C. before an incident involving Dave Lee Travis meant he had to leave the club. Even though Aston Villa offered him terms he decided it would be better to retire. DD then went on to study 16th Century instrumentation and majored in the spinnet. This could well be the first FortDax release, although there are rumours of a 3” cdr. Due anyday now are singles on the legendary Earworm and the much talked about new label Miy Paluk.