Top curve Bottom curve

Release date: December 16th 2022

Format: Time Limited ‘cost of living busting’ Edition

With Van 356 clocking in at Three Minutes and 56 seconds you can take the bangers out of the oven and put your Xmas thumpers on, Mother Stamper's here to spread Owsley flavoured sunshine across the dimly lit, underheated households of this crumbling nation. DIY to the core, this is sound of a thousand free festivals past, the holy ghost of a midnight convoy on the M25, the spirit of poll tax riots yet to come. 45 Revolutions per minute doesn't do it justice.

The Dave Clarke Five of acid techno wanted a time limited release so who are the static brothers to deny them this request. Only orders received before December 16th will be cut and then we will shred the tapes live on whatever social media is left at the year end. Oh! and yes this is a ‘Pay No More than £4.99 ‘. Cost of living busting bargain.

Essential in these times

Time Limited Release.
‘Pay No More than £4.99’