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Release date: July 7th 2017
Format: 7” lathe cut single and CD

Over a decade of audio tease and email frustration the Static Brothers have finally managed to add Martin Jensen (The Home Current) to their family. Delivering four thixotropic tunes for CD we decided to spice up the package with 2 tracks being lathe cut onto vinyl by 3.45RPM. 100 copies only and 50 of these are exclusive to Norman Records.

The Home Current is the project of Dane, Martin Jensen. Previously based in London, Martin is now recording from his new base in Luxembourg. Recent The Home Current releases include a couple of 7"s for London label Polytechnic Youth. Further, Martin has remixed tracks for the likes of Colleen, Dollboy and Ellis Island Sound.

He co-founded the Second Language’label in 2009 and co ran it until 2014. An avid vinyl collector, Martin has been DJing since the mid-1980s playing across Europe and he was the brains behind the “Music and Migration” trilogy compilation series in support of conservation charity BirdLife International.

100 copy Lathe Cut and CD package.



"On 7" lathe cut and CDR (basically the 7" plus two additional pieces) we have Danish Martin Jensen, who works as The Home Current. He already released 7"s on Polytechnic Youth and he did remixes for Colleen, Dollboy and Ellis Island Sound. His music is very electronic, techno-y yet also quite poppy. His rhythm might seem a bit chaotic at times, but it oozes rock in 'When Waiting Deadly', and the synthesizers he spins on top of this have that excellent Kosmische space touch, which adds in the context of pop an excellent sunny touch to the music. Maybe because it is actually sunny outside, the first real spring day I guess, that makes this music that gives this listener a big smile on his face. Jumpy, poppy, a techno intoxicating mix of electronic sounds and all four pieces are within that three to four minute range, just rounding off those pop credits." [Vital Weekly]