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Release date: May 22nd 2017
Format: 7” single

It’s Tubular Bells played by an amazing Brass Ensemble, ‘Tubular Brass’. Do we need to say more? Here is the introduction (Theme) on a 7” single. The full double sided album will follow and the ensemble will tour throughout 2017 including festival appearances at Blue Dot, WOMAD and Festival No.6.

In November 1972 teenage musician Mike Oldfield began work and recording on an, as yet, untitled piece of music – or perhaps more accurately a sequence of pieces featuring an eclectic assortment of instruments and an equally diverse assortment of rhythms, moods and sounds which, when ingeniously blended together, created a totally original, startling and mesmerizing trip through new age prog rock.

Tubular Bells was released in the UK on 25th May 1973, just 10 days after Oldfield's 20th birthday, the landmark album that launched Virgin Records. Here it is arranged by Sandy Smith and played by top of their game brass players to provide you with a DNA rejigging of excitement of the first time you heard the original album.

Tubular Brass is a brand new brass band created to perform contemporary music and develop collaborations with artists from across the musical spectrum. Whilst firmly rooted in the brass tradition and featuring the UK's finest brass players, Tubular Brass aims to bring brass music to a new audience by creating extraordinary projects and collaborations, working with artists from across the musical spectrum. The players are drawn from both the elite brass band and orchestral fields.

A 300 edition 7” single only.



"Tubular Brass is a brass band 'created to perform contemporary music and develop collaborations with artists from across the musical spectrum', and with such a name it is logical to kick off with a release a brass version of the piece that gave them their band name. Within the space of six minutes they play the iconic first few minutes of the original (which you heard on 'The Exorcist' of course), but go a bit quicker through the material and it sounds gorgeous. Do not think The KLF and their acid brass, but rather a more conventional rendition. Lovely. I believe a double LP is to follow, for which I can't wait." [Vital Weekly]