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Release date: April 15th 2016

Health for life. Every life. Every moment. Every day. Our pursuit: life's potential. Healthy bodies. Healthy lives. Always caring. Always here. Gas and air for everyone. Hope is here, in the vapour. Healthy bodies. Healthy lives.

TVAM sharpens his knife and removes another organ or two...

First out is GAS & AIR, a distorted twitcher only a mother could love. A conjoined synth punk/hip hop hybrid with a delicate bedside manner.

Closely followed by CANNIBALS, originally by Units but reanimated by TVAM as a VHS nasty just waiting for a victim.

TVAM is one man, Joe Oxley.

Taking influence from a lifetime of repeats, reruns and reboots, he crafted his own low-budget, high-risk concept. A world in which broadcast becomes performance.

Sonic references straddle the spectrum of influence - think Boards of Canada's irresistible nostalgia, think Suicide's deconstructed rock 'n' roll, think My Bloody Valentine's infinite noise. Using home cinema formats we'd all ditched by the turn of the century and a stand we haven't seen since the classroom, Oxley shines a harsh light on our misplaced nostalgia. Weaving found footage with stark sloganeering and a taste for garish hues, TVAM comes off like Adam Curtis taping his favourite Nicktoons.

A 5 single in an edition of 77 copies (hand cut by 3.45RPM) and all digital formats.



The Sunday Experience

"Original to the core" [DJ Mag]