Top curve Bottom curve

Release date: October 16th 2015
Format: Edition of 100 hand cut vinyl copies (a 3.45RPM cut) and all digital formats

From chrome nose to pearlescent rear, Porsche Majeure is every inch the looker. A vision in candy apple red - driving never tasted so sweet. Man and machine as one. A white-hot hit in the asphalt arm.

Witness the twentieth century's greatest example of self-expression destroy itself. Tires shriek, bumpers crack, metal buckles and breaks. This house is not a home. 

Sometimes it's hard to accept our future. Sometimes we need a little encouragement. The push of an unseen hand, a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Think, JG Ballard, Jean-Luc Godard, Saatchi & Saatchi. 

You will never feel alone again. 

Joe Oxley, the one and only man behind TVAM, describes his sound as Post-Internet, motivational slime-punk and we totally dig it. Influences drawn from Big Black, Thee Oh Sees and Boards of Canada can be picked from TVAM’S from his repertoire Warped, chopped-up images stream on TVAM’s television set, consisting of a cool blend of downright bizarre cult footage, described by the man himself as ‘technicolour trash’. Using a collage of visual non sequiturs, nostalgia tears away from memory and slogans burst in through the darkness between hot pink and slime green. TVAM has found a new way to sync image with sound, adding a whole new element of originality to this psychic karaoke.
Think 'In the Red' as much as ‘Trouble in Mind’ but we found him a home here on Static Caravan to refine his audio protein.



"A squelchy, growling low end underpins shredding guitar like scraping the central barrier. Fetishised machinery. Forceful and unpleasant." [Colour Horizon]