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Release date: April 8th 2013

Grúska Babúska is a 4 piece all female band, with an other-worldly, Ra tastic’, electronic background that is thrown into a naked wrestle with their acoustic Icelandic DNA resulting in a twisted future-world fairytale sound.

Grúska Babúska´s songs are all sung in Icelandic and were recorded in Iceland - co-produced by Mike Lindsay and mixed by Paul Evans in Greenhouse studios in Reykjavík.  

So here it is Van 261. A hand packaged and hand numbered Babushka Doll USB containing the debut album from Grúska Babúska



"So, when you are done with that, I can have it, to keep it, you know, as a gift" [Vital Weekly]

"I should warn you that this is quite irresistibly fetching in a kind of mum meets the knife timeless spectral folk locked in a magic wood shed" [Losing Today]