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Very limited first Praawander release - Pete Fowler artwork, playable grooved postcard and download.



"And just what is this? Its holiday season for sure and some people still send a good old fashioned postcard, instead of facebook greetings, instagam or whatever it is called these days. Pressed in the carton is a short piece by the for me unknown group/project Praawander, which finds Static Caravan in a more experimental mood than we usually find them, with spacious synths, a fair amount of delay and reverb, but with that low sound quality of the card, perhaps even sounding better. There should be a remix project of this where people tape it right of the postcard itself, I thought. A great gimmick item, not the first on Static Caravan and hopefully not the last. There is a sound cloud page where you can download a longer version and no doubt that sounds better too. Craziest thing of the week." [Vital Weekly]