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Release date: October 2011

cocoons are hannah peel (vocals), coti k( bowed flower pot, double bass and file manipulations), laurance hunt ( drums and percussions) and justin wiggan ( electronics and synths). “Earling “ is their first release.

Hidden from each other, this quartet were sawn together without being aware of each other’s parts and merged together in secret navigating by distancing in the sonic divide cooking a truly magical and exquisite sonic slab beyond words and seriously limited in nature .These dinked, dimpled folds of spectral celestial un-worldliness that ought to appeal at first contact with those much loving of the Cocteau's majesty, This Mortal Coil's stately solace and Dead Can Dance's mercurial mastery at blending lost tongues and archaic languages to neo classical settings. The applying of monastic tongues and a ceremonial reverence gives this mix a sense of the ethereal, reverberating echoes, the rustling percussive ripples, shimmering timbres and ghostly visitations all collide into a spectral fabric, the showers of silvery vibrations shimmer all glowing in intensity, the stratospheric whispers cascading at times like jubilant speckles of euphoria to the lost in the moment hymnal hush of Ms Peel's murmurs as they breach the ether, its utterly divine though don't be deceived for where the beguiled frosted timbres of Peel purr much drawing reference to Heather Duby there is the at odds ominous groan of the shadow forming stillness of the brooding soundscapes beneath to usher in an uneasy light to dark balancing act.

This is the first Play button release on Static Caravan and as far as we know the first entirely original material released on this format.