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Debut album from isan man. Released May 6th 2008.

1 Magpie
2 An Outdoor Planetarium and..
3 An Indoor Campsite
4 Colin the Lazy Cormorant (part one)
5 Colin the Lazy Cormorant (part two)
6 Exultation
7 Murmuration
8 Charm
9 Cloud Pathology

Lugubrious and minimal. Melodic and otherworldly.
Hot on the blistering heels of his debut solo single (VAN 145) comes this full-length outing from the social worker turned gardener. Double digging over unlikely boundaries is something of a habit for Robin, and this record characteristically lurches between moods; from elegiac to wistful, and from meditative to bouncy, this record runs the full gamut.
Creaking synths, loping bass and a succession of chimes seep from the nimble textures pressed tightly together. Lush and filmic, the nine tracks here cultivate and harvest a twinkling yet intense arc, with strange and alien sounds nestling snugly next to crumpled rhythms and gurgles, all peppered with tinges of acoustic guitar and eerie tones.

‘Peasgood Nonsuch’ works over nutrient-rich electronica soil, germinating an earthy hybrid of intricately woven melodies and pulses, stewed and heated to perfection. An organic journey from the pesticide-free plot to the kitchen table, it’s a recipe full of beat-tastic ingredients ripe for picking from the orchard.

As one of half of the duo which comprises isan, Robin Saville has long been part of that seminal act - masters of slow flow electronica, bridging the gap between different boundaries and atmospheres, not to mention untangling messy knots of wires and cables all around the world. With its roots closer in feel to isan’s earlier, more sprightly offerings, ‘Peasgood Nonsuch’ is light and warm but with an underlying dark centre, so the audible tranquillity is imbued with an altogether tougher edge.

Next to using a digital pipette to suck up the leaked new Portishead album this gunk of electronic DNA is ripe for unspooling and analysing in the Petri dish of your own home laboratories.
A must for fans of isan, Inch-Time, Harold Budd, and all things Type Records ; Morr Music and Eno’s Obscure label.

Edition of 1000 copies in card gatefold.