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Launch night - 26th Sept 2007
The Binary Oppositions exhibition takes place at Citric Gallery in Brescia, northern Italy, from October 6, 2007, to January 3, 2008. The artists participating in the show are: Simon and Tom Bloor, Reuben Henry and Karin Kihlberg, Mike Johnston, Kate Pemberton, Juneau/Projects/ and Justin Wiggan and Oona Luras.

Channel 4 feature [Simon Harper]:

Saatchi Gallery feature [Simon Harper]:

Elemental - Helena Gough
Wide Range Reader - Absent
Much Less Than a Day - Magnétophone
Long Term Solutions to the Seagull Problem - Shady Bard
Chelmsley Wood - Arcade
The Uninvited Mole (demo) - Susan Dillane with Micronormous
Green Peter - Broadcast
Musical Box - The Young Baron
Heath of Kings - Betty & The Id
Torch - Seeland
Sadhana (demo) - Micronormous
City of Eels (demo) - Pram
Heartbeat - KateGoes
Almost Unreachable - Mike in Mono
Little Bell (Broadcast) - Modified Toy Orchestra
Uncle Scary's Birthday Party - Grandmaster Gareth
The Long Conveyor Belt - Misty's Big Adventure
Haresoft -Juneau/Projects
The Shortest Day - dreams of Tall buildings
TV Times - The Decapitated Barbershop
SNR - Helena Gough

The launch night in Birmingham also marks the launch of the Binary Oppositions publication, designed by Ben Javens with photography by Rory Buckland. It has been published, as with the album, in an edition of 500 copies.